Ascotte Boulevard @ Semenyih





Semenyih is known as the outskirts of the city, but recently there have been some substantial growth of developments within the township. That is why Ascotte Boulevard project is based in Semenyih, aiming to attract more residents to live in the area. There are already many amenities surrounding Ascotte Boulevard so residents doesn’t have to travel far from Ascotte Boulevard or even out of Semenyih town, but if residents wanted something different, Bangi Utama Shopping Complex is only 10 km away.


 text2Every unit in Ascottes Boulevard are designed with modernized, contemporary style to give them a luxurious and astounding look. The podium of facilities will be surrounded by breathtaking green landscapes for a tranquil environment. Residents will be able to relax and enjoy the scenery from the podium. The facade of Ascotte Boulevard will also have unique and interactive designs that will definitely attract attentions of the passersby.









Currently, Ascotte Boulevard and it is the only high-rise residential development in the area. First-time house buyer will want to consider buying this affordable, yet luxurious apartment. Even though it would be convenient to own a car if living in Semenyih, those without private transports will not have to worry as bus stops can be found nearby Ascotte Boulevard and taxis could be called whenever needed.







Ascotte Boulevard is now open for registration. Those who wanted to know more about this development or just eager to own a unit in Ascotte Boulevard, then this would be the perfect time to register.